About Rook's Press

My name is Oz, and this is my website.

I sell, distribute, and publish RPG zines from the North of England.

I'm just one person, and run Rook’s Press in my free time around a full time job, so please be patient with me.

The Rook's Press logo (left/above) was adapted from an 1875 sketch by Édouard Manet for the cover of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. I think it looks more like a rook than a raven.

Castille, the rook-person adventurer (right/below) was illustrated by Travis Swain Pendlebury.

Infrequently Asked Questions

What counts as a page?

I count each individual ‘side’ of a zine as a page, including the cover. This generally means that each folded piece of paper equals 4 pages, so for example, 3 sheets of paper stapled together and folded is 12 pages.

I do this because how pages are counted in zines varies somewhat, and content is often printed on the covers.

What is the specific unusual object (SPOB™) that you use in your photos?

Not telling, but if you have a guess do let me know.